What does Public Health do for our school?

Our County school does not employ a full time RN to take care of health needs within the school. Public health (in ND) usually provides health services to the school upon request.

What we do:

-Vision screenings

-Pre-K round up hearing and vision screenings

-In school vaccinations and assist with the annual immunization survey

-Medication administration training for staff

-Growing Up education

-Rapid assessments for medical issues with kids

-Sources of Strength mentoring

-Tobacco counseling if children are caught smoking/vaping/etc

-Any other requested education from staff

red apple fruit on four pyle books
red apple fruit on four pyle books

Head Lice Resources

Recommendations change. Current state and CDC recommendations do not list head lice as a risk to health. They are not exclusionary for school or day care. Currently the recommendation is to treat ASAP and child can return to school or daycare after treatment.

Yes they are a nuisance, but they are not a public health risk. Below, find resources if you find your family having these pesky, unwanted house guests.




Reliable resources to help you make the right choices for your family:

VIS: Vaccine information statements

three children holding hands standing on grasses
three children holding hands standing on grasses

School Bulletin Boards